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The external walls of a building can be exposed to the elements. Over time weathering and erosion can cause damage to the fabric of the building and allow water to penetrate. Render is a layer of material that can help protect the brick or stone from damage and help prevent the ingress of water.

External renders can be sand and cement, lime or acrylic based and come in a wide range of finishes. At DEH Plastering we use our experience and building guidelines to choose a covering that is suitable for your building. We can also repair damage to existing renders to help keep your maintenance costs down.

Render covers that we provide include

  • Plain face sand and cement

  • Tyrolean

  • Rough-cast

  • Spar/pebble dash

  • Acrylic based finishes

  • Lime

  • Custom textures to match existing renders

  • K Rend

  • Monocouche/One coat renders

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